General Awareness Question and Answers

General Awareness question and answer – 2

General Awareness

General Awareness question and answer

1.Sachin Tendulkar scored his 100th international century against which’ country ?

A) Afghanistan
C) South africa
D) Pakistan

2. Where was the first session of the Constituent Assembly held?

A) New Delhi
B) Hyderabad
C) Mumbai.
D) Srinagar

3. Which of the following is used as ‘a moderator in nuclear reactor?

B) Gratonite
C) Graphite

4. Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?


5. Folk painting ‘Madhubani’ is famous in which state?

A) Bihar
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Kerala
D) Himachal Pradesh

6.Which is the tree requiring minimum water for its growth?

A) Babul
B) Eucalyptus
C) Mango
D) Guava

7. Which post does the Constitution of India does not mention?
A) President of India
B) Prime minister
C) Vice President
D) The Deputy Prime Minister

8. Which country is the largest producer of Bauxite?
A) China
B) Afghanistan
C) Australia
D) India

9. Which Indian rulers was a contemporary of Akbar?
A) Kanishka
C) Rani Durgawati
D) Samudragupta

10. How are Oxygen and ozone?
B) Non-metals
C) Metals
D) None of the Above


1) B;     2) A;     3)C;     4) D;    5) A;   
6) A;    7) D;   8) C;    9) C;   10) A;   

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